Now She Sings, Now She Sits

I have a confession: despite all of my training brewing caffeinated beverages, apparently I am incapable of operating a simple folded cone filter. My kitchen task was immediately downgraded to unwrapping butter. Sigh. (Julia is giggling gleefully in the background.) Double sigh. However I did prove my prowess at milking goats.

We went to bed late after a schmabulous concert, reception, and a midnight snack. I was in bed by 2am but had to be up for 8 for brunch. It was so wonderful finally performing with Julia for a rapt home audience. It was great to be in a room full of the warmth and friendliness I love in Julia, and obviously that was a big part of her upbringing. Despite the early hour Julia’s dear friends from New York, who had just come down for the concert, came to breakfast further reinforcing Julia’s magnetic charm. After discovering the goat cheese was home made, Idit and Steph wanted to see the goats and we had a impromptu milking lesson for the City folk (see pictures). Then after some sad goodbyes to our hosts, Farmer Chris and Leslie, it was back to the car for the trek north.

Ten thousand million years later we’re still in the car…

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