Tim appears on Art Talks Again

You might remember that last March I had the good fortune to attend Willapa Bay Air in Oysterville, WA for a month-long composition residency.

While there, I was interviewed by fellow artist Gina Borg, a phenomenal visual artist, who also happens to host a podcast that interviews artists about their practice. Gina interviewed all of us at Willapa, and I am happy to report that my episode is finally available. You can hear my interview on Art Talks Again at iTunes, or over at the podcast website. If you are interested, you can subscribe and learn more about the other fabulous artists who I was in residence with.

I am really happy with the way the interview turned out. After listening to it, I found I could re-enter the creative mindset I was in while at Willapa Bay Air, which is proving to be extremely generative for my work this summer as I revise many of the compositions I composed in Washington.

via #11 – Tim Peck-composer, pianist

Rivulets mastering studio in the news

In simple terms, mastering means creating the master version of a recording that is then reproduced in large numbers in various formats.

Source: Famed NYC music mastering facility moves to Peekskill

I just came across this great article about Scott Hull and Masterdisk. Scott did amazing work putting the final touches on Rivulets last year—I couldn’t be happier! Learn some more about Scott and the great work he has been doing, and check out the studio.

Remember, you can still get copies of Rivulets online at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers.