The Diva heads south

The Chalfin family arrived at 11am with the trunk already mostly full! After making tea, we headed over to the school building to load in the PA. After some creative packing we were on the road to Kimberton, PA.

I love touring a show. There is nothing better than focusing on a set of music for a long period of time, with the same people, and really honing the whole show. Getting to know the show makes you more comfortable on stage, and you learn to react with your fellow musicians as well.

Also, working with Julia this much has been a real pleasure. It is amazing that after being friends at school for so long we never really worked together. Hopefully, we will be able to do this again!

When we arrived at Rose Hall, I was thrilled to find a 7 ft. Steinway waiting for me. This is actually the piano I hope to purchase some day, and an absolute pleasure to play. It was fun just to rehearse my own pieces and get to know the instrument. I can’t wait to head back tomorrow and work a little more before the concert.

It’s also really great to have such gracious hosts housing and feeding us. We are staying at the home of Chris and Leslie Jones right down the windy hilly road from the hall. They treated us to dinner of soup and salad with home made goat cheese, wine, bread, and roasted candied nuts. They were Julia’s second family growing up. So this gig is really a homecoming for her.

I finished writing a paper recently looking at my connection to music and family. I realized I love the collaborative aspect of music, and it’s ability to build community between diverse individuals. The joyful act of making music should be a shared experience. We are meant to create something and give it away. And who better to give it to than friends old and new!

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