winter arrives at dunbar cottage


It is so very quiet here.

After so many weeks crazy weeks of commuting to Cambridge for graduate school, teaching classes, performing, and communing with friends, it was high time for a little break. Tonight, I was supposed to be playing in New York for the annual Pomfret Holiday party. However, mother nature threw this curve ball. The NYC bus was cancelled. I was in class in Cambridge when I received the news (yes, today I had originally planned to go to class in Cambridge, head to Manhattan for the party, back to CT for the night, and then back to Cambridge early Wednesday for class). After a moment of sadness (for I do love heading to New York), I was relieved that I would have a more sane day after all. I had a deliciously relaxing lunch. I purchased some green tea. I ran errands. I came home and took a nap.

Tonight, I am going to spend several hours working on my research paper. With freshly steeped tea in hand, I am getting down to business. Meanwhile, the silence outside reminds me how lucky I am in this moment. The first real snowfall is always a beautiful event. Here’s to many more!

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