summer adventures: prelude 2012

I am getting ready to kick off another exciting summer! The highlights:

Tomorrow, I am finally seeing Radiohead in concert. It’s about time…they are local-ish and not all the tickets were bought by unscrupulous scalpers stub-hub.

Then, exam week and student move-out.

Then, faculty meetings.

Then, travel to the Everglades for 4 days of beach camping. Then Key West for 4 days at the Marquesa.

Then Brooklyn, NY for a bit.

Then, CT for a bit to witness the crazy Pomfret summer construction project. The school is converting from oil burners and steam heat to natural gas burners and forced hot water. For the entire campus. While summer camps are happening. To be completed before students return and the winter cold sets in. Consequently, I spent the last week and a half packing up the music room and my office.The music room looks very sad all cleared out for the summer.

Then, camping in Acadia National Park for a few days before my family arrives in Bar Harbor for family vacation. I’ll hang with them for a day or two before getting back to Pomfret for faculty meetings.

THEN, I am off to Saratoga, NY to take a sabbatical replacement teaching gig for the fall semester at Skidmore College.

Eventually, things will settle down a little so I can actually finish my master’s degree. Let the comment writing commence!


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