Summer Adventures: part 3

Our final night in Moncton was fairly low key. After a really late night on Friday, and armed with the knowledge that we would be getting up early on Sunday to head back home, we took it easy. A day in the sun at the beach made us all fairly tired…I think everyone except Zach took a shot nap when we got back to the house. Moe treated us to an amazing dinner…strip steaks, sausage, and bacon-ranch mashed potatoes. Kevin has an awesome meat market a block from his house! The prices there were great. It was actually kinda surprising, since the American dollar was on the weak side, and alcohol was super expensive in New Brunswick ($22 Canadian for a 12 pack!). It was nice to see that at least some prices were reasonable. I helped by cooking the bacon, then hung out playing guitar with Zach until dinner was ready.

After dinner, we spent a few minutes sitting outside and watching the crazy weather. Due to the Bay of Fundy, there is crazy wind every night around twilight. Tonight the wind was super intense. Parts of the city actually lost power. Kevin was lying in his hammock, but we decided to go in because we were worried that the tree would blow over on him! Certainly not your average wind storm.

With everyone still drained from the night before, we decided to head back to the Chris Rock for a relaxed evening of shuffle board, pool, and watching baseball. By 12:30 we decided to head home. We watched an episode of the Trailer Park Boys, and then I went to bed around 2am.

Zach woke me up by 6:30, and we were on the road by 7. We had crossed the border by 9:30, grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonald’s, and headed south. I was back in Pomfret by 4:30pm. I took an epic shower, a nap, and did my laundry. After dinner I watched the National Parks on Netflix, updated this blog, folded my clothes, and headed to bed. I had a great weekend, but I ready for a relaxing Monday of practicing and a rehearsal with Big Jump, before I head back to Maine on Tuesday.

final stats: 1,300 miles, 57 hours, 4 states, one province

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