Summer Adventures: part 2

Noon. We are full of diner food. Gearing up to go to the beach. And nap.

Last night was fun, exploring downtown Moncton. We started out by visiting the new casino on the outskirts of town. It was much smaller than Foxwoods, etc. There was a house band playing…country…the bass player was slaying it, as in he thought he was playing in a punk rock band. The keyboard player looked like he wanted to kill himself. We played nickel roulette, but left pretty quickly. No one really wanted to stay long. And we needed to check out the local watering hole, the Chris Rock. It was a pretty low key bar. We played shuffle board, and Zach ran into a bunch if people from university.

Afterwards we walked to a club: the Vie. Here is where it became apparent that I underestimated the cost of this trip and didn’t bring enough money. I forgot to turn on international travel on my debit card and couldn’t take more money out if the ATM. So we’ve switched over to credit card. In any case, we went to an after party down town when the clubs closed. Just chillin with some friends. Finally we got cabs back around 4:30 am. The cabs and the casino were also part if the reason why the trip was expensive.

flowers @ kevin’s

But back to today. We started out getting up fairly early, around 9:30 am…especially considering we didn’t get home until 4:30! Kevin’s girlfriend Robin came with us to the diner for breakfast, and it was fun chatting and getting to know her, as she spent most of the weekend away and hanging out with her friends (though we did run into them at Vie). We spent the day at the beach, swimming, sunning, tossing a disc. The wearer was perfect, and the water was incredible. Apparently they are know for the warmest water north of North Carolina, and I’d believe it. It was way nicer than most if the places I’ve been in Maine. After the beach, it was back to the house for barbecuing steaks and twice baked potatoes and sausages. And later, well, that update will have to wait until tomorrow


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