Summer Adventures: part 5-8!

Lubec, ME

As I take a break from packing for my next adventures (Tacoma, Olympic National Park, Seattle) I figured it was time to finally update the last week. I was in Maine with Donna Dufresne, her husband, their friend Stuart, and his daughter Julia. They were renting a house two doors down from the town’s post office / border control station. It was a great spot to sit on the porch and watch the traffic to and from Campobello island, Canada! This former fishing town had a bustling smokehouse industry. However, now most of the smokehouses are shuttered and slowly rotting into the sea. I’m sure the 20′ tides from the Bay of Fundy are helping. There are also tons of houses for sale, property for sale, abandoned houses…you get the idea.

The one thing this town seems to have going for it is the Summer Keys festival. Musicians will come up for a week, or multiple weeks, of study and practice, and recitals. Another friend from Connecticut, Jim Bump, did that for years, fell in love with the area, bought a house, and now comes up every summer! He was playing viola in the quartet Michael was playing in, though they are not officially connected with the summer keys.

Some highlights: Monica’s Chocolates, biking to Quoddy Head, working on 2 new songs with Donna, recording Mozart’s “Dissonant” Quartet, and lots of good food! I’ve been working on the photos from the trip and they are mostly below!



night cruiseto Canada!ghosts of the smokehouseLubec harbor sunset 2Lubec harbor sunset 1beach @ low tide
Django!treasure huntbeach, Lubec, MElow tideprime real estatepimp my ride
truthrough neighborhoodmodel homeocean viewsentinelsinternational coöperation
flowers-by-the-searainbow!fix-r-up-rcow taxilubec across the baygently breaking

Lubec, ME summer ’11, a set on Flickr.

The shots you have all been waiting for, with a few more to come!

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