summer adventures ’12 part 5: all the pancakes you can make/eat

That line got me in the door at the Everglades International Hostel. What an incredible place! With a treehouse, a waterfall in the garden, pianos in the gazebo and the Internet room, it had a little something for everyone. I met a ton of cool people…Vanessa and Stephanie from France, the couple from Switzerland, and Larry from Key West, among others. It is the type of place that restores your faith in humanity. Several of the other guests were refugees from the Flamingo campground. Apparently I was the only one of us who actually made it a full night there! I guess that makes me a bad-ass. Oh, and the unlimited pancake mix was pretty killer.

Then it was back in the car for the drive down to Key West. What a gorgeous drive! The weather was perfect. I now have a pretty rocking drivers tan…

By 1:30 or so I was in Key West. I was shown to my perfectly appointed room. Complete with complimentary wine! I met up with Derek for a bike tour of the island. I basically have my bearings and am set to explore!

Travel days are always draining. I headed out for dinner (a burger and a mojito after four days of camp food hit the spot), and then home for reading and an early bedtime. Tomorrow Derek, Eric, and I are going sailing!



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