Carte Noire at Never Ending Books TODAY!

Carte Noire Promo 1a

Don’t miss two groups this Saturday at The Uncertainty Music Series. First, Carte Noire featuring Chris Cretella, Minta White, and Tim Peck performs, then The Après-Garde Ensemble featuring Trevor Babb, Ben Zucker, and Nate Trier performs their own original compositions and improvisations. Never Ending Books is a great place to hear music in a casual atmosphere. Please bring drinks, food, and friends.

The Après-Garde Ensemble is dedicated to performing music that blurs the distinction between avant-garde jazz and experimental classical music. The group’s repertoire primarily consists of works that use free improvisation, alternative methods of notation, experimental instrumental practices, and aleatoric methods within a compositional context.

The Après-Garde Ensemble is

Trevor Babb :: guitar

Ben Zucker :: vibes

Nate Trier :: keyboards

Carte Noire is

Chris Cretella :: guitar

Minta White :: flute

Tim Peck :: keyboards

$10 suggested donation

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