the freedom to be

Consider these simple goldfish:

They have a safe pond to live in. They are fed and cared for by a watchful staff. They get to live their lives, doing their own work, day in, and day out.

While at an artists’ colony, I have the good fortune to do the same. My meals are taken care of. I have a warm place to sleep. There are ping-pong tables, and record players, and grand pianos. And all that is expected is that I engage with my work.

Today I talked about poetry, played Bach, discussed Charles Seeger’s Manual of Dissonant Counterpoint, wished fellow artists a fond farewell, and played several hilarious games of ping pong. How does that relate to my new compositions? I am happy and relaxed—what better place to write from can I ask for.

Help Tim Peck Finish Rivulets

Exciting news! The Tim Peck Trio is almost finished with its second album, Rivulets, and we need your help. Support the Kickstarter campaign for Rivulets today.

The Kickstarter will fund mastering the album, replicating the CDs, and distribution and promotion. The Kickstarter campaign is also your opportunity to pre-order the album. Supporters will receive a copy of Rivulets before its public release.

Thanks for your support, and I hope to see you at a gig real soon!

Remembering Ornette

In a previous post, I shared a great interview with Dave Bryant, a pianist and composer known for his work with Ornette Coleman. I’ve been thinking about Ornette a lot these days, after hearing the sad news of his recent passing. The world has lost a master musician and a thoughtful human being. Though I never met Ornette, I have been trying to process his wisdom, as filtered through Dave’s teaching. The above interview focuses on Dave’s recollections of Ornette.