Wrapping up 2011

Fresh baguette dough is rising in the kitchen as I sit here listening to Bill Evans Trio Sunday at the Village Vanguard and organize charts for my last gig with The Peck Bros of 2011. It has been a busy and productive year! This weekend I get to track B3 and clav on a friend’s record at the newly improved Bunker Studios 2.0 in Brooklyn before heading off to New Years Eve Parties. Not to shabby if I do say so myself! Maybe I’ll post some pics from the studio this weekend, but if not, Happy New Years everyone!

zen & the art of blogging

So, I’m trying to figure out how to link up several disparate blogging accounts…wordpress, blogger, and this site, in order to have a more coherent presence. It’s a little odd right now.

However, I just got back from a week in Maine with the family. It was very relaxing, even though the weather was terrible. I did get a lot of reading done, and took many photos…