the freedom to be

Consider these simple goldfish:

They have a safe pond to live in. They are fed and cared for by a watchful staff. They get to live their lives, doing their own work, day in, and day out.

While at an artists’ colony, I have the good fortune to do the same. My meals are taken care of. I have a warm place to sleep. There are ping-pong tables, and record players, and grand pianos. And all that is expected is that I engage with my work.

Today I talked about poetry, played Bach, discussed Charles Seeger’s Manual of Dissonant Counterpoint, wished fellow artists a fond farewell, and played several hilarious games of ping pong. How does that relate to my new compositions? I am happy and relaxed—what better place to write from can I ask for.

A summer residency

VCCA studios

I am happy to announce that I will be heading off to Virginia in a week to begin my summer residency as a composition fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. As I finish the Kickstarter campaign for Rivulets this summer, it will be refreshing to also inhabit some new some creative space, and to allow new ideas to begin percolating. I have been considering writing some short pieces for solo piano, so I intend to start there. However, one of the greatest gifts at residency is the freedom it allows to simply explore new creative work.

As I begin to explore my next creative project, I hope you will join me in putting the finishing touches on Rivulets. If you haven’t already done so, please visit the album’s Kickstarter page and make your contribution. This is turning out to be such a productive and energizing summer, and I’d love to have you be a part of it.