Medeski, Skerik, & Deitch @ LPR

In case you missed it, here is a great video from Le Poisson Rouge in NYC…featuring some great musicians and my entire Hammond rig, including effects.

moving forward

I feel good right now…despite my cold, which I’m sure is related to all the craziness I have been through over the past few weeks. However, it was for all good things! You’ll see a link to mt friend Dan’s Kickstarter below. I had the pleasure of contributing keyboard tracks to the record, and it is sounding really great! Now he is looking for help producing it…check it out.

From doing that recording session, I got the gig being John Medeski’s organ tech at Le Poisson Rouge for a midnight gig, and then for a couple of days of recording back at The Bunker. John and Aaron are killin it over there. It looks and sounds amazing! You never know how your connections will play out, so I always try to take advantage of as many as I can.

I finally have a date for my graduate recital: Friday April 27th, 8pm. Now, I only need to learn all my music! The next two months are going to be even more crazy. I thought that by only being in one ensemble this semester my life would be a little more sane. However, that is not true. I am in a 20th century accompanying class that is really challenging. Though I only need to go to Boston officially one day a week, that one day is a big day: 8 hours of class, 0 breaks. However, this semester, next semester, and I am officially a Master of Music! Until then, I must keep working…

right place, right time

I returned to ct from NYC at the beginning of the week after a great weekend building and tracking at the Bunker Studio in Williamsburg, ready to get back to work without the stress of grad school (which doesn’t start up for a couple more weeks).

Then Tuesday around 10:30, I received a call from my friend John, co-owner of the Bunker: “what is your B3 doing this weekend, and can John Medeski rent it for a gig and session at the Bunker?”

Me: “what?!? Of course!”

I spent Wednesday rearranging my schedule, and Thursday morning I was off! I stopped in to see Dave at Goff Professional to fix an issue with my Leslie. Not only did he fix a rattling driver, he tweaked the percussion, repaired a busted tone wheel, and cranked it up to about 13! He is the best!

I was back on the road by 11:30. I had to stop at the Bunker to grab some gear I had forgotten, and then it was off to the club for sound check. Medeski is a great guy and seemed to dig the organ and my collection of effects. It’s really great to get to sit back and hear someone of his caliber play my gear. We actually made the organ sound dirtier! Now I get a second to relax, enjoy some coffee from Grumpy, and head to BKLN for dinner with Evan before I need to head back for the gig. It isn’t until 12am, so I have some time.

If anyone reads this and is around, you should head down to Le Poisson Rouge tonight!