summer adventures ’12 part x: in which I take apart my bike

Today’s agenda involved car repairs and dog sitting. I finally brought my car in for some much-needed work…about $500 worth of work, unfortunately, but that is the joy of car ownership, I guess. I was content to use my bike to get back and forth, as the dogs only live down the road from me in Pomfret. However, as I was biking between houses, my derailleur gave out due to a rusty shifter cable. So, it looks like I will be beginning my bike repair project this weekend as well! I had to carry the bike back to the house where I am dog sitting, then walk to my house to get my tools, and walk back to the other house. It’s a good thing I like walking. I AM excited to learn how to work on my own bike, though I had been planning on doing this project myself this winter when I wouldn’t be riding. I will at least strip down the bike tomorrow and order the parts. If I am really ambitious I also want to sand and repaint my frame…we’ll see!

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