summer adventures ’12 part 8: BKLYN

After a few false starts, I finally made it to Brooklyn to hang for a good portion of the summer! I have two weeks at a friend’s apartment in Crown Heights as she is at a conference in Utah…sweet! I have done a TON of walking…especially those couple days before I got a key to the building. I didn’t want to trouble the neighbors too much.

I am playing for a wedding on Saturday, so I brought my entire rig into town so I could practice and head right from the city to the gig on Saturday. Almost immediately, my amp started acting up. Today I finally brought it to a friend of a friend for repairs. Hopefully I’ll get it back tomorrow and be ready for the gig! But, this detour proved fortuitous, allowing me to park in Williamsburg for the day and walk across the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan and to meet up a former advisee for lunch! We had a fun afternoon wandering around the lower East side. Speaking of walking, I think I have walked at least 4mi. a day since I have gotten here. It is far to hot to go running, but I’m still getting in a good workout!

Highlights so far include attending Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park to see the Dirty Projectors, Wye Oak, and Purity Ring (with photographic evidence), connecting with friends, and living the city life. Tomorrow I intend to see my friends Rusty Belle play at Pete’s Candy Store. Then, it is back to CT bright and early Saturday for the wedding. Next week I will be back in Brooklyn for a bit, soaking it all in.

bridges walked across: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

bands seen: 3 (1 more pending)

difficulty finding parking spots: mild

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