back in the studio, part 3


Dur­ing my time here in Bal­ti­more, I have been work­ing hard to clean up all the files in my album. I am plan­ning on mix­ing in New York, and there is no rea­son to pay for edits, when I can do that work myself! This is prob­a­bly the least excit­ing part of the project: adding fade ins/outs, splic­ing over­dub takes, bounc­ing edited files, choos­ing ver­sions of songs, pick­ing a song order.

Though I have dili­gently taken my time with slow, detailed work, I believe it is now all fin­ished! I am head­ing north to Maine for a week. While I am there, I am plan­ning on export­ing my final bounces, and then I will be ready to sched­ule some stu­dio time in New York. Addi­tional Maine projects include a tango writ­ing project, read­ing, and pho­tog­ra­phy. It will be excel­lent to return to Vacationland!